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Located in Crestone Colorado.

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Feeling the chill? We have warm, woven hats and lots of silk, pashmina and natural dye cotton scarves! Since the other piece sold so quickly I will try this one. A very nice petrified wood pendant with a stone from west of Saguache Welcome to our new etsy store. Please let us know what you think!
New inventory in from Thailand and great early holiday shopping. Come in early to get first pick of this beautiful stuff! The feedback is great so far and we are sure you won't be disappointed! Crestone Creative Trade has been here for you since 1998. Hope to see you soon. We are open everyday from 10 to 6pm.
Lepidolite, Tourmaline, Clevlandite from nearby home. A beautiful local piece. $75
Lonny is returning from Thailand with a new batch of hand-wrapped local stones! Stop in next week to see his latest creations! -Aspen
Moonstone is linked to the moon and inner reflection, protection for traveling at night, intuition, connecting with nature and is a traditional gift for lovers! We have local moonstone pendants wrapped in silver, bronze and woven.
New Movies & Series available
Lots of new Magic Wraps just in! Reversible, very versatile and one of our most popular items. Downtown Crestone, open 10 to 6
Lots of new Movies in Today
Come check out Lonnie's booth at the 4th of July Hometown Celebration in the park. New pendants with the famous Thailand wrap. Mention this post for a special discount! :) The store will be open regular hours, so be sure to stop in a see the new clothing and home decor that just arrived! Happy 4th!
Lonny is back from Thailand and new merchandise is starting to arrive at the store: ethnic t-shirts, silver jewelry, necklaces, and of course a new batch of Lonny's world-famous polished rocks newly hand-wrapped by artists in Bangkok. :) Stop in for a visit and be sure to ask him about his trip!
Inventory clearance time! Yeah! :)
Soy candles just in! 12 varieties of long burning soy nicely scented votives, as well as a few 9 inch palm wax candles and ten packs of tealights. It smells really good in here!
Spring 2015
Our incense order is in, as well as lots of other stuff, Yay!
Let us help you pick out the perfect gift for that Special Someone or maybe for all the loves in your life! From a small, flirty token to a meaningful gift from the heart, we are your Valentine store. <3
New movies in store DVD & Blu-Ray They look like some must see movies
The new pipes are selling fast! Come see the variety we have to complement your lifestyle.
Feeling an inclination to enjoy an activity Colorado is famous for? Crestone Creative Trade has just gotten in a rather large selection of glass pipes, bubblers, and water pipes. Come in now for first pick and enjoy a true winter past time freely that others can only wish to do. :D
Our shop is colorful, delightful and warm. Come in for a visit.

Crestone Creative Trade has many interesting gift ideas, ranging from Tibetan prayer flags to locally dug stones that have been crafted into beautiful jewelry.

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